The Fog


    As the days get closer to spring and months closer to summer, this fog helps see what is happening now. It hides our view for a moment.

Soon the snow will melt and we will forget about the troubles of finding parking spots. We’ll forget about the cold days and the layers of clothing. Our fears of slipping on ice, what jacket keeps you warm and the body aches will be distant memories.20140221113203

In a couple of hours the fog will lift and our vision will return of what’s ahead. What will we see then? If you have been thinking of making a change in your life.

licenseA license is a perfect life changer. At Franks Auto school we can help with that.

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Kye’s Five Tips for Driving in the Snow


Five Tips for Driving in the Snow

Take’em or Leave’em

(Here are some tips that I live by)


tractionAs long as you’re moving, you have traction. When you stop moving, your traction goes out the window. A lot of drivers start to brake when they start skidding, but your tires need to be moving for you to steer, keep this in mind. Breath and brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the brake.

Rear Wheel Drive

If you drive a car with rear drive (power comes from therear wheel back, wheels spin in the back if you’re stuck in the snow) stay home during snow storms. Rear wheel drive cars push through the snow and your steering is lost. You will end up spinning out. If you do drive, watch your speed as always.


Why are you lifting the wipers on your car? This will only let other people know that you think it will snow. Turn on your car and blast the defroster on the back and front windows. This will help loosen the snow. This will also give your wipers the ability to clear your windows without freezing. Just give it a little time to kick in.

Be Prepared

prepare kitsDuring the winter months, keep a shovel, some cat litter or sand, jumper cables, ice scraper with long handle and a warm blanket in your car. You never know when you may get stuck and need each of these or all of them.

Love Your Body

Getting in and out of snowy parking spots can be a nightmare,back pain be prepared, stretch before and after you shovel. Your body will hurt after and you will wonder why it aches. Leave a little earlier than usual; you won’t be in a rush to get it all done at once. Your body will thank you later.

Do Me Two Favors Out There.

1. Be considerate of other drivers on the road and in parking lots. Too many times I have gone into parking lots and seen cars parked where ever. Same with cars parking on the street. Put your car in a spot that is not in the middle of traffic, whether you’re in a parking lot or parked on the side street.

2.  Don’t do this. If you do get the idea to do this, know when to stop. 

Oooooo, Guys, Gentlemen….

Make sure you clean off your special lady’s car, just believe me. This is very good brownie points.

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